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Beaches you must visit in Barcelona

Some of the must-visit beaches in the city include Barceloneta Beach, located in the heart of the city and offers a glorious mix of sand, sea, and sun. You can schedule visits to the beach along with other activities you can do in this city. For example, you can enjoy the art of Keith Haring in Barcelona during the morning and go to Barceloneta beach in the afternoon. This is the oldest and most famous beach in the city. Thanks to its privileged location, you can enjoy art exhibitions in Barcelona and swim in one of its beaches on the same day. Everything is nearby, and the city has excellent transport options. Just pay attention to the signs on each beach. Because of the enormous waves that appear during some months of the year, the city authorities close access to visitors to avoid possible accidents.

Tips to follow before you visit a beach

Before visiting a beach in Barcelona, it’s essential to know some tips to improve the experience. Researching the beach before you go is a good idea to ensure it has everything you need. Some beaches in Barcelona require a permit to do certain activities, like playing sports, so it’s important to check ahead of time. Additionally, some beaches may have a fee for access or for specific amenities, such as lounge chairs or umbrellas. It’s also recommended bringing essentials like sunscreen, a towel, and water, as they may not be easily available for purchase at the beach. Last, follow any posted rules and regulations, such as not bringing glass bottles or smoking in designated areas. This guarantees that your experience will be a positive and memorable one.

Restaurants you can find on Barcelona beaches

Barcelona is known for its beautiful beaches and fantastic cuisine, and the combination of the two makes for a perfect day in the city. Many restaurants on Barcelona beaches offer delicious food and stunning views. For example, at Barceloneta beach, visitors can find a variety of seafood restaurants serving fresh catches of the day. Bogatell beach has restaurants offering traditional Spanish dishes like paella and tapas. For those looking for a more upscale experience, Xiringuito Escriba in Mar Bella beach offers gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. And for those who prefer a more casual atmosphere, there are plenty of beach bars and “chiringuitos” (beachfront bars) where visitors can enjoy a cold drink and some snacks. No matter your taste or budget, a restaurant on a Barcelona beach will satisfy your cravings and provide an unforgettable dining experience.