The Rise of Betting Sites

Having been born in The Philippines, I was always surrounded by the betting culture. The first time I was exposed to it was old farmers taking care of their chickens to enter at a chicken fight where they would place bets. As a young girl, I didn’t understand the thrill that people got when placing these bets. I would continuously see different forms of betting, whether it would be card games or boxing or just simply to lotto. When I left to Dubai, I was exposed to the world of betting sites. As Dubai didn’t tolerate any form of betting, people had various other ways of betting online, which wasn’t monitored strictly and could be accessed using a VPN.

It was such an unusual experience because all the betting I have seen included many characteristics such as physical contact, studying body language, and a gathering of people. Betting sites were none of these. The took place online where you couldn’t see or talk to the other person and was purely the mathematical odds of winning a bet. The betting sites I saw were either card games, or simply just a platform to place bets without being physically present. In example, Dubai is famous for their camel races, therefore, platforms exists to place bets secretively. These sites were used by various ages, even the students I went to school with participated in events that allowed them to put money in to play the game.

These sites gain so much pipularity not only due to the restrictions by law, but also due to lessening the probability of cheating or unfair practices. Although the physical aspect is removed, the thrill and boost of adrenaline caused by betting still exists, which is a huge positive for these sites. They are well regulated and there is always something available to bet on. Most importantly, the reach they have is outstanding, meaning that anyone in the world can bet on the same thing! Without a doubt, the use of these sites will continue to increase in the coming years.